We develop and implement powerful human capital solutions that ensure your professionals have the knowledge and skills to succeed 


Better prepared means better outcomes

At Javelin, we work with you to create employee assessments targeted to the competencies you want to develop and promote within your organization. With our solutions, your sales force will build their skills and knowledge around your product, and in turn improve your bottom line.


More employee assessments at a lower cost

Customized high-fidelity assessments do not have to be expensive. Using our state-of-the-art technology, Javelin offers a range of assessments with multiple delivery formats - written, verbal and video-enabled. Regardless of the method, your employees are assessed by real people, not a software program.

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Time out of the field is money out of your pocket

Javelin use innovative technology to deliver our assessments and simulations, so your employees spend more time on the job and less time taking tests. No need to fly to our destination or implement an expensive software program.

Whether on the phone, in front of a webcam, or in writing, assessments obtain better results more quickly, ensuring that your team is aligned to your strategy and driving revenue for your organization.


An evolving marketplace needs smarter professionals

According to a recent study, 81% of adults go online to research before making a big purchase and 66% research their medical conditions online. It is no longer enough for your employees to simply be knowledgeable about your products and industry.

With our certification process, you not only guarantee your employees understand business acumen and product information but measure that they can effectively communicate that knowledge as well. 



We offer the rigor and experience you need to operationalize employee behavior, helping you better understand, change, sustain and adapt your firm’s team for optimal results.

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Practice Areas

At Javelin, we apply our expertise across a broad range of industries and departments to ensure that you are staffed with people who surpass expectations.

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Our Process

Our Consulting Partnership Process – developed and calculated by our highly skilled and experienced team of psychometricians – is at the heart of all we do.

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Our Highlighted Services


Certification Tests

We tailor certifications tests to your specific needs so your employees have the knowledge and skills to succeed. 


Live Role-Playing Simulations

We work with you to develop realistic simulations where your employees and managers practice key behaviors and receive important developmental feedback that drives improvement.


Consulting Solutions

We partner with you to quantify the behaviors and knowledge you need to improve your organization's performance.