Are your sales professionals having trouble implementing their skills in the field? Are they interacting with customers in a company-approved manner?

Real-world Selling Simulations

The way your sales people communicate about your products and services can be the difference between a closed sale and a closed door. Sometimes it’s not what you know but how you say it. Our high-fidelity selling simulations allow you to establish that your sales professionals not only have the knowledge to talk about your products and services, but also have the skills to close the deal.

Based on your specific selling environment, our top-notch development team will create high-fidelity role play assessments that simulate real situations your sales professionals will face on the job. During these simulations, your sales professionals have the opportunity to practice their skills in a realistic environment, while you gain meaningful insights into what they know and what they do with customers.

With our tailored simulations you can assess your sales professionals’ behaviors and skills and obtain the information you need to develop your people. You receive detailed feedback which allows you to coach your sales professionals to the next level and drive top-line revenue growth.


  • Boost revenue by improving customer interactions 
  • Stress key initiatives so your sales professionals can prioritize their conversation
  • Predict sales force readiness
  • ID high-potential employees
  • Mimic real world scenarios to better assess in-field behavior 
  • Build skills in a safe environment

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