Your business is a reflection of your people. Is it the best it can be?

Reducing turnover

Turnover is expensive, on average $80,000 per lost employee. Employees who do not know their industry, products or services are likely to be unsuccessful. Our assessments can improve the rates of involuntary turnover from lack of knowledge and skill.

Ramping up new employees

Why not have your new hires earning money for you faster? Our assessments are a great addition to any onboarding and training program. By certifying employees in product and business expertise early on, you know that they have the knowledge needed to perform. 

Informing high stakes decisions

Our data may not only be used for development, but for personnel decisions as well. Make sure that you are promoting the right individuals and optimizing their development. Identify trends and gaps across your organization and use this knowledge to improve and excel. 

Improving access to your customers

In sales, getting in the door is most of the battle. Evidence shows that sales professionals who are perceived as more knowledgeable and skilled have greater access to customers. . Using our assessments to build skills and knowledge can improve access, which can exponentially improve sales. 

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