Consulting Partnership Process


What assessments, tools, and programs address your needs? What is the best way to gather data?

  • We create objective measures of the critical knowledge and behaviors that your people need to succeed in your organization
  • We have perfected a variety of measurement techniques and will choose one that uniquely fits your situation - from verbal tests to interactive role plays
  • We include you in the process of reviewing and validating the assessment


What do you want to know? What data do you need to inform your business decisions?

  • We use diverse tools to analyze your needs
  • We create criteria and objectives for measurement and program design
  • We partner with you to identify which behaviors, knowledge, and skills to measure
Consulting Partnership Process


How is your solution implemented? What steps are taken to ensure quality data?

  • We deliver assessments, tools, and programs in a format aligned to your needs. Options include: on-demand online tests, live phone verbal tests, live phone role play simulations, live webcam simulations, rater training, selection tools, and more
  • We score assessments with a trained team of specialists who have demonstrated exceptionally high levels of inter-rater reliability: Our quality assurance (QA) processes ensure that each assessment is scored accurately and fairly
  • We perform analyses on the fairness of your assessment data to ensure the highest legal standards are met
  • We partner with you to roll out solutions to your people and communicate key objectives to the organization


What did you learn? How can you use the data to drive organizational decisions?

  • We generate reports aligned to the key insights that you want to gain: Options include individual reports on strengths/development areas, group reports on business unit trends, pre/post comparisons, adverse impact analyses, and more
  • We interpret results to help you develop your workforce, make high-stakes personnel decisions, and propel your organization to the next level
  • We collaborate with you to maximize the impact of your data on organizational success