How well do your sales professionals know the products or services they are selling?

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Product-based Certifications

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In a high-paced industry like yours, there isn’t time for sales professionals to hesitate! They have to know their products and services inside and out. How do you know your sales professionals have that kind of knowledge and can communicate it to your customers? We tailor product-based certification assessments to each of your unique products and services.

From written to verbal certifications, based on your needs

Javelin's certification assessments can be delivered as written online assessments administered on our secure testing platform or verbal assessments proctored by our highly trained assessment specialists. They also can include a component of role playing to add realism to the assessment experience.


  • Bring high value to customer interactions, increasing customer confidence in your brand
  • Interactive, role-playing assessments ensure the professional understands and can communicate the information they were trained on -- something boxed assessments cannot provide.
  • Build a culture of knowledge and excellence and reduce the number of compliance issues.
  • Mitigate risk by certifying your staff are thoroughly knowledgeable about your products

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