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Our powerful technology platform allows our interface to be available 24/7 and is capable of scaling to support thousands of concurrent assessments. The cloud-based platform has multiple backup redundancies and full data encryption, so you know your data is secure. 

From on-demand written assessments to video-enabled live simulations with a real person, Javelin’s technology gives you a variety of options to support your assessment needs.

On Demand

Our various On Demand options allow your employees to take assessments at any time, day or night, rain or shine. Assessments are timed, based on your criteria, and all responses are scored by our trained assessment specialists.

Written Assessments

  • Open-ended: Have your employees type in responses to open-ended questions, edit, and submit when they are completed.

  • Closed-ended: Have your employees take the more typical closed–ended assessments with multiple choice and multiple select options. Your employees will go into the system, choose the correct answers, and submit within the testing timeframe.

  • Multi-media: Have your employees upload Word documents, PDFs, PowerPoints, and more as a part of the assessment process. Make them prepare a speech, or a business analysis as a part of the simulation, and we will give them feedback based on your competencies.

Verbal and Video  

  • Verbal: Have your employees respond to interview questions and scenarios verbally. They will listen to or read a question or scenario, record their voice response for each question, and submit the assessment upon completion.

  • Video: Have your employees respond to interview questions and scenarios by recording a video response. They will listen to or read a question or scenario, use their webcam to record video and audio response of their answer, and submit the assessment upon completion.


Javelin's live capabilities range from verbal assessments to video-enabled assessments with screen-sharing. Your employees will schedule a time to take an assessment or role playing simulation with one of our highly trained assessment specialists.


  • Have your employees participate in a live verbal assessment or simulation via phone or computer audio with one of our assessment specialists.


  • Have your employees participate in an interactive video call with one of our assessment specialists. This process will utilize webcams, so both the respondent and assessment specialist can see and hear one another, just like real virtual interactions on the job.


  • Have your employees share presentations or documents with the assessment specialists while they are on the call, based on the specific scenario and what behaviors and knowledge you want to measure.


Reporting & Analytics

Javelin’s reporting allows you to dive deeper into your human capital, providing greater insight into employee performance and potential. Javelin’s reporting can provide greater visibility to:

  • Knowledge and Behavior Trends across the Organization

  • Non-compliant Behavior Trends

  • Competency Comparisons across Departments

  • Manager Rating Summaries and Analyses

  • Individual Competency Levels and Behavioral Feedback

  • Assessment Integrity

  • Ad hoc Reporting and Custom Reports

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