Are your employees having trouble gaining advances because they don't understand your customer's business environment? 

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Business Acumen Certification

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Really knowing the industry and environment your organization operates in can be the difference between a good sales professional and a great one! Establishing that your sales professionals know and understand your customers’ business environment is critical. With your input, Javelin will create an intensive certification which can help determine whether or not your staff is ready for the field. Set a new standard in ensuring that your new hire has the industry and business environment knowledge needed to succeed.

From written to verbal certifications, based on your needs

Our certification assessments can be delivered as written online assessments administered on our secure testing platform or verbal assessments proctored by our highly trained assessment specialists.

From this certification process, you receive detailed feedback and data to develop your employees and propel your sales to the next level.


  • Increase sales because representatives are better able to understand client needs and tailor their selling
  • Identify who needs additional training and where their weaknesses lie, leading to lower turnover
  • Make better hiring decisions and onboard faster
  • Discover who may act out of policy in their customer interactions


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