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Executive Management


Increasingly, your sales representatives will be the main service point for your clients. They are asked for insight on everything from general product features and benefits, to access to network partners and additional support.  You need to make sure your sales staff knows your products inside and out. But that's not enough. 

At Javelin, we certify your sales professionals on business and product knowledge. We not only certify on the content, but also ensure that they can communicate the information clearly, concisely, and effectively.

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If you work in human resources, you know that it's vital to put the right person in the right job. But how can you be sure you've made the correct decision? According to a Harvard Business Review study of 360,000 employed people, success hinges on the right fit with the job. 

At Javelin, we help you get the data you need to develop selection, performance management, and training programs that are predictive of future performance and meet EEOC standards.

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Javelin's assessments and simulations help make sure your employees are acting within company policies and following federal requirements. We institute live, high-fidelity assessments that require your staff to act in a real-world scenario under the same pressure their jobs require, so we can evaluate how they navigate around hot-button topics and issues.

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Javelin's assessments and simulations help you discover gaps in knowledge and behaviors which enable you to adapt your training materials to get the outcomes you need.

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Javelin’s assessment and consulting products help you obtain key insights into broad organizational trends and gaps to ensure that you have the information you need to make key leadership decisions for your business.

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